The Sleepy Cynic

Adventures in M.E.land

Yes, yes, another old cynic. I'm a self-confessed Grumpy Old Man (That's what the 'G.O.M.' bit is at the bottom of my posts). You get through the day your way, I'll get through it my way.

My M.E. is, at the time of writing, over 6 yrs old and, unfortunately, a central part of my life and will probably feature heavily on this blog. I am divorced and have 2 'young adults' from my first marriage and 2 young stepchildren. They are all wonderful and creative kids and a source of immense pride for me.

This journal is an experiment of sorts to see how long it takes me to get bored and abandon it.
Time will tell.

Dislikes: Right-wing politics/politicians, Hypocrisy, Lycra-clad, Bicycle-mounted Posers, Being Patronised, ME/CFS, Deadlines. Oh, and Intolerance.

Likes: My Kids, Writing (poetry/prose/song), Interesting Discussions, Irony.

So far, so good.

For Clarity - My Significant Others are:

Nats is my eldest daughter (previous marriage)
The Mouser, or T, is my eldest son (ditto)
J is my youngest son
Chuckle Bunny, or D, is my youngest daughter